Friday, July 6, 2012


A nice, big solid throne, with tarp.  =)


  1. This brings back memories! I go out of my way to find and photograph old country outhouses, but they're almost extinct in my part of the country. (They were an embarassment to folks who were just getting the new-fangled gizmos like electricity and indoor plumbing, so (sadly) most got torn down long ago.)

    I love the idea of an open-air throne room. So scenic and refreshing! I grew up with the other kind: the tall wooden box that was scary, smelly and had spiders inside, wall-papered with catalog pages and a wee bit of lye from a bucket instead of a flush!

    Here are a couple of my favorite "alternative facilities" from my blogs:

    I definitely like yours better!

    1. Well, this one's still smelly, and there is still plenty of spiders.